About Me

Hi my name is Can, its type like C A N but it pronounce as Jhon. I’m from Turkey. My journey began the same way as most people in this field did; drawing at an early age and spending time watching cartoons, more than eating or sleeping. My granddad was my biggest inspiration because he was one of the first artists who bring animation to turkey in the 1960’s, but i dont have chance to learn from my grandfather. I become more curious about animation and tried to find a way to become one. I made drawings and i realize that was the first step for me to enter the world of animation. Then i get my bachelor degree from cartoon and animation in Turkey ,after graduation i worked as 2D animator, jr.rotoartist and freelance illustrator. I always got desire to learn 3D animation so my pasion drag me to Vancouver Film School and also scholarship helps a bit. Even though this is just the beginning of my path as an animator, ultimately i wish to become someone who is inspiring just as those who inspired me when i was child.